Tuesday, December 26, 2017

#NSXUenak: A Testimony from An NSX User

One of my customer spoke in a customer testimony session during VMware vForum 2017 held at Jakarta, Indonesia back in November 2017. One word he kept using to describe his satisfaction in using NSX is UENAK. Uenak, is some kind of an accentuate expression derived from the word enak, which is Bahasa Indonesia for good, comfortable, or pleasant. During his more or less 10 minutes session, he mentioned uenak for at least 5 times to express his feeling after using NSX. This post is a rewrite of what he mentioned during the session.

NSX uenak because it helps on the scalability. Distributed router and distributed firewall move east-west traffic from what it used to be centralized in physical device (core switch or firewall) to be processed in the transport layer (eg. the ESXi hosts). It is important to them as the nature of their business requires flexible scalability. With NSX (and vSphere), every time they add new hosts, they not only add compute (CPU and RAM) capacity, but also network capacity (in term of bandwidth and additional power to process traffic routing and segmentation/isolation.

NSX uenak because it helps them to create a more secure environment. Micro-segmentation helps them to control communication between virtual machines, without relying on the network topology. Security tagging allows firewall rules being applied at the same time a virtual machine being created. Virtual machine created without proper security tag will not able to connect anywhere. With NSX (and vSphere), they are now having a new-easier-more flexible way in securing their environment.

NSX uenak because it makes it easier to manage load balancer. Adopting micro-services architecture, they rely heavily on load balancer to create high available and scalable services, either intra services, or between services. With NSX, it is easy to provision and manage load balancer, including to enable high availability for the load balancer itself.

Last one, NSX uenak because it helps on the agility. Leveraging NSX open API, they automate tasks which they do often, and it’s one API only to serve most of network services they required. As a reference, they are now could create a full network which mimic their production environment in less than one hour with automation, and yes you are right, it is with NSX.

It truly is a glorifying moment to hear all of this benefits from the user who already experienced it themself. I feel really lucky to be able to work with their team, a spartan-independent-always exploring-early adopter individuals who commit to make the solution works and makes #NSXUenak

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