Saturday, February 21, 2015

Free Technical VMware Online Resources

[Content Updated on 27 December 2017]
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Is there any free resources to learn about VMware technologies? I have seen many people asking this question again and again. Actually there are a lot, and here I try to list down all the free technical VMware resources available on the Internet that I aware of. If you know any other resources, feel free to drop a note on the comment and I will try to consolidate it.
So you have just start your virtualization exploration and want to educate yourself using official curriculum? Grab some free courses offered by VMware Education to build the fundamentals knowledge. More great news, it even has some courses available in your local languages here.
Want more free resources from VMware Education? Check the above link for instructional videos delivered by VMware Education Instructors. Currently it has more than 100 videos covering 
product overviews and detailed step-by-step demonstrations installing, configuring, deploying and maintaining your virtual and cloud infrastructure.
More demo? Step-by-step guide? Visit this site. It has even the latest breakthrough solution in the area of networking and security: NSX.
Enough seeing and want to get your hands dirty with VMware products? The easiest way would be using VMware HOL. You don't need to have your own equipments, lab guide provided, free - you'll just need to sign up, you can access it anytime from anywhere and as many times as you like.
Whether you are looking for general information as well as a deep dive explanation for VMware technology, try to visit VMware Technical Papers site. This site has many great documents to help you understand about virtualization, cloud, and a lot of VMware related technologies.
Preparing for your VMware certification, or would like to join VMware community online sharing? Try to visit Professional VMware vBrownbag site initiated by Cody Bunch here.

This is a series of webinar which delivered by several VMware Cloud Management Specialist Systems Engineer covering Cloud Management products such as vRealize Operations Manager, Log Insight, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Business, as well as integration to some other product such as NSX and Virtual SAN. Check out the above portal to see what's coming, you may also check all available recordings from the menu at top left of the portal, and select All Webinars.
This is a series of webinar focusing on VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x delivered by Sunny Dua and Iwan Rahabok. You may also access it directly using YouTube playlist here.
This is YouTube playlist on vSAN Troubleshooting Video Series, comprising of 26 bite sized videos - not only covering troubleshooting but also design, requirements, compatibility, and upgrades, presented by Francis Daly.

Video recordings of breakout sessions presented during VMworld 2010 until 2016. I personally love this. A lot of great resources, full of insight and mind opener. It's free, only simple registration required if you want to access the content of VMworld 2016.

The latest VMworld 2017 Breakout Sessions recordings! It's getting easier now as the video available on YouTube. No registration required! Check each link for US and EU sessions.

A series of videos that will walk you through all default dashboard available at vRealize Operations 6.6.

On-demand video series offers useful content to help introduce you to Pivotal Container Service™(PKS), a new offering that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver production-ready Kubernetes on VMware vSphere.

Use your VMware MyLearn account to login if you have one, or  sign up for a Basic Subscription at no charge. With the new Learning Zone, you will find all of your digital content all in one place. Whether you want to watch a few videos or take an entire course it’s all at your fingertips in the new portal.



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